Jackbeat is a free multi-platform audio sequencer, for musicians and sound artists:

  • Drummachine interface with animations for easy and playful editing
  • Built for both composition and live setups with high interactivity needs
  • Easy to use but yet powerful by connecting with other applications using JACK and OSC
  • Loads and saves .jab files, Jackbeat’s xml+tar open file format
  • Supports ALSA, CoreAudio, PulseAudio, JACK and ASIO


MusicExamples: listen to music made with Jackbeat, download .jab sources and drum kits

BasicUsage: get started, learn how to find your way in Jackbeat

UserSupport: get help about using, installing or hacking Jackbeat

LicenseTerms: Jackbeat is libre software, licensed under the GPL

Download: get and install Jackbeat