Sample compression

Reported by: olivier Owned by:
Priority: major Milestone: BlueSky
Version: 0.6.3 Keywords:


Reducing the .jab file size is useful for saving disk space but
also for sharing files over the network. Additionally, integrating
uncompression routines would allow to load some more sound file formats.

Codecs: FLAC of course, but also mp3 and Ogg, so that one can send light
.jab files by mail to some remote partner.

One way to achieve this feature would be to add configurable “helper applications”. The encoding/decoding would then simply be done by calling the command line tools with system().

Note: libs nd file seems to support transparently Ogg and FLAC formats, if
compiled for. There also is lib fish sound, which offers a high-level API
for Vorbis encoding and decoding:

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