Music Examples

Here are various music examples and compositions made with Jackbeat. You can download the JAB files to open and play with these songs in Jackbeat, or simply relax and listen to the MP3/OGG versions. Remember that JAB files are tar archives, so you can easily extract samples if you want to.

And if you make music with Jackbeat too, please send it over.

Night bells by Vincent Brigand and Olivier Guilyardi (2008)
These loops were made using Paris city as a music instrument 🙂 All samples were recorded in Paris streets by drumming on various urban elements such as semaphores, letter boxes, windows, and of course… assembled in Jackbeat.

city runner MP3 JAB
urban mystic MP3 JAB

Drum Kits by Vincent Brigand (2007)
Download samples: (4.7M)

abstracthiphop MP3 JAB
burglar MP3 JAB
electro MP3 JAB
hardcore MP3 JAB
triphop MP3 JAB

Doy by Ken Restivo (2007) OGG JAB
This is an experiment using Jackbeat together with freqtweak, PD, AMS, and a nice keyboard improvisation. Read Ken’s blog post for more

I Want To Leave High by Guillaume Pellerin (2005) JAB
This is a DJ oriented example, which tracks are meant to be muted/unmuted.

Rock & Hip Hop loops by Rémy Lalanne (2005)

hiphop MM_break_ups JAB
hiphop afura_sacredwars_4 JAB
hiphop afura_sacredwars_8 JAB
rock drum_other JAB
rock drums_A-B-C_2+5+6 JAB
rock drums_A-B-C_3+4+7 JAB
rock drums_A-B-C_3_stick JAB
rock drums_C3_6+7_AND_C4_3 JAB
rock drums_didley JAB
rock drums_jazzy1 JAB
rock drums_rock_2-0 JAB

smooth by Olivier Guilyardi (2005) MP3 JAB
This is an initial proof of concept, using home (garden actually 🙂 recorded samples

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